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If you’ve applied to work at Clearvision, then congratulations! You’re on your way to working for an international, multi-award-winning software provider.


Here are some useful tips to help you prepare for the application process:


A ground-breaking software consultancy and development company, specialising in agile working and collaborative tooling and processes.

We are world-leading software experts, providing some of the biggest enterprise businesses around the world with professional services centred around the Atlassian stack, Git and open-source tools, including training, support, hosting, consultancy and procured Atlassian licensing.

Clearvision has a team of talented in-house developers, working on a variety of exciting new projects. Their aim is to produce the collaborative tools of tomorrow, reshaping the future of teamwork.

Our mission is to bring about a more efficient, collaborative and cost-effective software development industry – and most importantly, to show companies how they can save time and money without having to compromise on quality.

At the core of Clearvision is a set of values that we put into practice everyday.

  • Innovation through collaboration
  • Make a difference
  • Tell it how it is
  • Get it done
  • Wow the customer
  • Founded in 2005
  • Over 18 years of experience
  • Over 9,000 successful projects
  • 750+ happy clients
  • Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner
  • Offices in the UK, USA, IE
  • International multi-award winner
  • More than 700% team growth since 2011

Visionaries isn’t just a moniker; it epitomizes the way of life at Clearvision. We are a team that are free to discuss, to feed back and to be creative, and that’s why we’ve grown to the size and standard we are today.

In the expansion, we’ve recruited the best in all departments, from developers to account managers, marketers to technical consultants and everything between. The diverse backgrounds and immense experience found in all geographical locations has propelled our company far beyond work output and financial targets year on year.



Our technical consultants are the real stars of the show. They visit client sites around the world and deliver bespoke solutions, help and advice within budgets and timescales.

Project Management

This team is highly organised and efficient. It’s their job to make sure the engagements established by the sales team are planned and carried out within project and legal requirements.


Training is a core part of our business and we have had tremendous success in bringing teams and whole organisations up to speed with how to use their tools in line with best practice. This is all down to the trainers and extended team that develop the training content.


The support team are highly skilled and experienced. They’re on call 24/7 for hundreds of clients and perform under strict SLAs with great success. Internal AV (audio visual), technology and infrastructure is also their domain.


Developers are integral to the business, bringing diverse experience and skills into developing, testing and releasing Clearvision’s software products.

Sales Account Managers and Admins

The account managers win new business, manage our existing clients and make sure everyone we work with receives the best possible solution, tailored to their requirements. A small team also deals with administration for licences, accounts and other tasks. These make up a substantial proportion of Clearvision’s revenue.


The creative bunch that bring ideas to life on the website and through collateral, content, blogs and anything that aligns the Clearvision brand with the right audience. Events and data are also vital parts of the puzzle for the department.

Web Devs

With three primary websites and a host of application branding engagements, the web dev team designs, maintains and develops the shop front for Clearvision.


Sitting under the wing of marketing, the recruitment team deals with all job vacancies in the company. They also develop role advertising strategies, onboarding processes and leaver protocols.

Back Office and HR

The unsung heros of Clearvision are in the team that keeps it running from the shadows. Accounts, office management, business and product development – these are crucial roles that contribute towards everyday operations.


Overseeing each department and shaping the organisation through strategic planning and discussion is the management team. This comprises of department heads and the directors.

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Clearvision is a multi-award winning company; an Atlassian Platinum Partner and a world-leading technology firm.
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Learn more about our our core values:

Marketing Events

Clearvision is actively involved in Atlassian and DevOps events throughout the world.

Click below to learn more.

Staff Benefits

At Clearvision all employees get their birthday and Christmas Eve as paid holiday. Download the guide using the link below to learn more about the perks of working at Clearvision.

Free parking on-site

Plenty of space to park your car or motorbike and secure lockup for cycling. Clearvision employees never need to worry about finding a parking spot.

Still interested? We thought you might be. That’s why we have prepared a helpful PDF to get you up to speed with life at Clearvision.

Clearvision – Becoming a Visionary 2017

We look forward to meeting you!


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